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How to submit your web site URL to our directory

This is not just another directory, using some worn-out off-the-shelf script. This directory was carefully built to maximize the SEO potential of every single listing. You can get anywhere from 4 – 60 links for a single listing. Our free submit is probably the most effective on the Internet, and our Premium Submit and SEO POWER PACKAGE simply blow the other paid directories away, value-for-dollar.

First, however, we accept only travel-related websites.

If you have a website about travel-related web design, hosting or other services, we have a category for that here.

If your website is about any other web design, hosting or webmaster service, please click here.

If your website is about health, gambling, investing, baby formula, plucking chickens, cleaning toenails, or anything else... please click here.

In order to maintain the high quality of this directory, please do NOT submit your site to us if it is includes:

  • Profanity, violence, racism, or hate.
  • Hacking/cracking content.
  • Pornography or adult-only content.
  • Online gambling (bricks and mortar casinos are legitimate travel-related websites).
  • Illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others.

Don't spam us with multiple submissions. You know what we mean; if you have to ask, don't do it.

Do not submit sites that are under construction, with broken links or missing images.

For the moment, we accept only English-language sites, with English language descriptions.

Three key steps to take:

First , please go to our home page and drill down to the correct category.

Then drill down to the lowest possible geographical category. It is to your advantage to list as locally as possible, even if you operate all over the world, as your local listing will be duplicated in your state or province, country, continent and world listings for the topic category you have chosen.

Finally check out our submission packages to decide just how valuable you want your listing to be to your website's search engine success.

Before submitting, please make sure to read our terms of service, too.

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